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No matter the type of metal that you plan to recycle, doing so can offer a number of benefits to both you and the environment that will make the choice a matter of course. After all, you do much more for yourself and the world with this choice than you do by simply throwing the metal scraps away and you could even receive monetary rewards from the choice to recycle. Today, more and more businesses and individuals have begun to “go green” or otherwise take action to reduce any negative impact on the environment during the production of goods and parts; recycling is one way to make this happen.


One of the key reasons why the environment can benefit from the choice to turn your metal into the capable hands of Perth metal recyclers is that it will help to preserve valuable resources that would otherwise need to be mined and refined. Not only will you reduce the amount of natural resources needed to keep up with demand for certain types of metal, especially copper, but you should also see fewer resources used in your own home by increasing the amount of products fabricated with recycled metal. If you recycle metal more often, you are more likely to use fewer bin bags and otherwise do your small part to directly improve the environment around your home.


Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide is extremely important for any individual or company and the steady and rapid increase of carbon gases released into the atmosphere has caused the earth to increase in temperature at an unprecedented rate. If you choose to recycle your metal, you aid in lowering these carbon emissions and play a direct part in the reduction of pollution levels in the atmosphere. Although it is not yet possible to completely undo the damage caused to the atmosphere as of today, the damage caused tomorrow can be significantly reduced in impact and weight if more people and companies only do their part by reducing emissions in every way possible.


It is much less consuming of energy for a metal that is already refined to be melted down and then reshaped into whatever structure is needed, whether that structure be wire coat hangers or parts for HVAC systems. Regardless of the application, significantly less energy must be put into this type of process, meaning that you further reduce emissions and also reduce the impact of mining on the earth by reducing demand for new material. Metal ore must be brought to a refinery, purified, and then shaped before it can be used but up to 92% of the energy needed to make this happen could be removed entirely by simply recycling.

Approximately 90% of the energy used for copper and 56% of energy used for mining and creating steel can be reduced using this method. This is one of the biggest and most important reasons why it is highly beneficial for a person to choose recycling over simply throwing out metal to sit in landfills.

Brenda Smith

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