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Buying anything online is little bit risky as we are unaware of who is going to send us the product or if the ordered product will be the same as shown online or not. We should not blame anyone without knowing the fact. Buying a used car online is more complicated than buying a new car. However, if you have limited budget then buying a used car can be the smartest way. It’s quite easy to find second hand cars in Mumbai below 2 lakh. Anyway, here are few things one should keep in mind before doing any online transactions.

  • The first thing is to verify if the vehicle really exists. Give a call to the seller asking the vehicle registration number. On getting the registration number, you can directly visit the nearest RTO office and cross-verify the details with the concerned department. To be on the safer side, always buy certified used cars from a reputable source.
  • Stay away from fraudulent advertisements. Never pay advance payments. Most importantly, never get attracted towards advertisements like “Brand New Used Vehicle” with low mileage at very less price. These are the traps, so be alert enough.
  • Never rely on photographs. Always inspect the car personally with the help of a reliable mechanic. As far as possible, meet the seller at a business premises or at his home itself. Do lot of research and surf through the internet to the fullest to get an end result.
  • Before confirming the deal, it’s better to negotiate. Used cars can be asked for low price, but keep in mind not to insult the dealer by asking it for a very low figure, which can easily sour a deal.
  • Never ravel any of your personal details. Never share any of your credit card or other personal confidential details. In case of payment, always try to pay in presence of local friends or at bank.
  • Keep in mind that while buying used cars online the web address should begin with ‘https://’. The ‘s’ in the link stands for ‘secure’.
  • If an advertisement is in ‘All Capital’ letters and pictures are taken from automobile site and are resized then it is clear that the seller is not the person to deal with.
  • Automobile companies, being transparent enough, have their own website related to warranty. So, be wise enough to check all warranty-related documents online because sellers charge some additional amount stating that some of the parts are under warranty.

Brenda Smith

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