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We all love having that new car in our parking space, isn’t it? However, buying a new car can actually pinch your pocket. What is the next best alternative? Well! Purchasing a used car is not at all a bad idea. Buying a used car these days is one of the best things that you can do.

Here are 3 compelling reasons as to why you should buy a used car.

  1. Money Saver:

This is one of the main advantages of buying a used car. You could land up saving several lakhs of Rupees by buying a used car. The new cars actually depreciate at a faster rate. A lot of cost is involved in maintaining a new car, like paying the insurance, its service cost and other expenses. However, a used car is far cheaper; it gives pretty much the same feel of having a new car, but at a cheaper price. The annual maintenance cost is also much cheaper. If you wish to buy a car, buy used Hyundai i20.  It is highly in demand in the market at present.

  1. Very Reliable:

Today’s cars or for that matter other vehicles are designed in such a way that they can last longer, say for at least 12 years. Therefore, buying a used car is a wise idea. A lot of used cars that is sold are less than 2-3 years old in most of the cases. These are really well maintained cars and are sold via some authorized dealers; this will make it much more reliable. Therefore, going for a used car is a much smarter move than buying a brand new car.

  1. Financing Options:

As the used car market is growing at a rapid pace in a place like India, many banks and money lenders are now offering a lot of interesting finance options to the buyers. In fact, many of the popular authorized dealers who sell used cars have a tie-up with these financing partners. This way, you can easily obtain loan and purchase your car with ease. Surprisingly, the interest rates for these used car loans are also nominal. This makes it a good enough reason to go for a used car.

Brenda Smith

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